Feel Sexy and You Will Be Sexy

This is a true statement try it and see. Many great philosophers have said that you are what you think you are. And it certainly holds true for sexiness. Okay check this out even though you may not have what the media says is the perfect body (what ever that looks like) you may not even feel sexy at the moment. Trust me this works just conjure up your own sexy image and pretty soon you will begin to feel SEXY!. Next thing you know those sexy vibes will be flowing everywhere. You will start to notice your significant other taking a second look, maybe touching you a little more or even wanting to caress you in the middle of the day. Just because, let’s just say there is a certain SEXINESS about you and they can’t quite figure it out but there’s something and it’s keeping them interested.
Just remember great sex does not begin with your body or your most precious jewels…… It begins in your mind!